Custom Bathroom Renovation

Perhaps you are interested in upgrading your bathroom. The bathroom is sometimes ignored as it is not generally an area where you will have much company or a chance to show it off, but sometimes, you should renovate because it is your bathroom, or perhaps you need renovating for your business’s bathroom.

Making your bathroom an enjoyable place to retreat will give you all the more reason to treat yourself to that bubble bath you deserve. Orange Contracting in Toronto offers quite a few bathroom renovation services. If a service you would like is not on our list, feel free to ask us about it. We love to work with customers to want something unique and customized.

Here are the services that we offer in bathroom renovation:

  • Facilities Replacement- This means that we will replace shower/tub in your bathroom. We can work with you depending on the size and shape of your bathroom on creating enough space to replace a combo shower/tub with a separate shower and bathtub. Also, we can replace parts of your bathroom that you don’t like anymore. Perhaps your tub is quite faded, and you would like a new tub. We can do that. We can also take out your bathtub completely and put bathroom flooring there. Now, you have a space for your vanity.
  • Tile- We offer tiling. If your old tiles are chipped or broken or if you simply want a new pattern and coloring, we can replace your tiles.
  • Disabled Accessible- We work with both public and private bathrooms. If you want either bathroom renovated so that someone who is in a wheelchair or has another special need can access the sinks or shower, we are more than willing to work with you on your specific need.
  • Accessories- We also provided heated flooring, towel racks, toilet paper racks, and installation of an extra sink or vanity.

If you let us know your needs, we can work with you. Orange Contracting has up-to-date materials, and you can choose a style and coloring that you would like for your bathroom. Our many options allow you to renovate your bathroom uniquely.