Selecting the Best Paint Colours for Your Home

Selecting The Best Paint Colours For Your Home

Although it might seem like a simple task, choosing the best paint colours for your home can feel overwhelming.  There are so many options to choose from, ranging in hues and shades, that it becomes daunting to feel the need to pick the best one the first time. Our team at Orange Contracting wants to go over a few tips to help with your paint selection.  

Room Lighting 

How your room is lit plays a crucial role in the way colours are portrayed. The same colour is going to look different when exposed to natural light, fluorescent light, and incandescent light. When you go to pick a colour for a particular room, think of what lighting you have in that room. You can even test out paint colours by swatching them on the walls in different locations. You don’t need a huge area, just put a 4×4-inch paint swatch and let it dry to see how it will truly look. Take a look periodically throughout the day to see how the colour shifts with the light. 

What Mood You Want the Room 

Colours have the power to elicit certain emotions from people, usually subconsciously. When it comes time to pick a colour for a room, you want to take into consideration how it is going to make yourself and guests feel. Setting the mood for a room can drastically change it, while only using colour. Here’s an example, using a warm shade of yellow can make a person feel cozy and calm. You can use this in places like a bedroom or living room.  

Décor & Furniture Considerations 

Assuming you currently have furniture already, you want to make sure your rooms are cohesive. This means choosing a paint colour that goes with your furniture and decor, using complementary colours, or neutrals to create balance. Bold and bright colour furnishings can be paired with neutral paints in order to create balance and not overwhelm the room. For more muted furnishings, you can pick a paint that is bolder in order to achieve an interesting room.  

Test Your Paint 

Like we have mentioned previously, you can test out your paint before you fully commit to one colour through paint swatches. At any retail location that sells paint, they will have the option for a paint sample can, which is much smaller than the usual paint can. Get the colours you are debating between and paint them on the walls. You can then see how they will look and make a better decision on what will look best.  

Think About Undertones 

What is an undertone? This is the subtle colour that a paint colour has in it. An example of this is if you have beige paint, you might be able to see pink undertones, or one with yellow undertones. Even white paint has undertones that can become pore present in certain lighting situations. When you do go to select a paint colour, take into consideration the undertones. As these play a part in complementing the room.  

Let Our Team Help  

If you started out thinking that selecting paints for your home would be easy and fast, you will now find that it takes time and careful consideration. Our team at Orange Contracting offers painting services in the GTA! If you want to revitalize a room, or rooms in your home, we are here to help make your life easier! Give us a call at (416) 817-2590 today!