affordable residential and commercial painting services

Orange Contracting is one of the leading painting companies in Newmarket & Aurora and provides high quality services throughout the GTA at the most reasonable cost. We have proudly completed many residential and commercial painting projects, approaching every project with the same uncompromising level of care and professionalism.

Some people may think that painting is an uncomplicated job and they can do it themselves but the exceptional painting services provided by a professional and experienced company, delivers an outstanding result that is not comparable to the job done by an inexperienced painter. We have true painting knowledge and you will definitely see a huge difference from the first moment of starting the project.

Client satisfaction is our first and most priority in completing each job assigned to our company. We understand the nervousness that comes with this process and our staff are well-trained to respect you and your entire house, especially when we are doing the job in a furnished house where you are living. After finishing the project, we ensure that your house would be as clean as before and with a post-job cleanup, we will prove you our respect.

Interior Residential Painting

The look of your home interior is heavily dependent on your painting job. When the job is done properly by skilled members with years of experience, you can be certain that your living space looks its absolute best. When you reach out to us and get a quote, we can help you choose the right colour for your space, and start creating a general plan for your project. A perfect painting job from our team at Orange Contracting will tie your living space together to create a harmonious design that you can truly be satisfied with!

Exterior Residential Painting

Painting the exterior of your home sees itself as a huge benefit in a number of different factors. We are going to explain each one in detail below.

  • Painting the outside of your home increases its curb appeal. There is nothing quite better than making your home look beautiful! Increasing the appearance of your home also bodes itself well if the house ever gets sold in the future. This is because it increases the overall value, making you more money.
  • It offers protection in times of need. Living in Canada means having to deal with harsh, fluctuating weather patterns. Luckily, when you paint the outside of your home, you are not only making it look nice but also giving itself an extra layer of protection from the harsh climates.

At the end of the day, painting the exterior of your house sees itself as a huge benefit both in the present and down the road in the future, providing your home with aesthetic appeal as well as an extra safety measure.

How We Can Help

We here at Orange Contracting would be pleased to provide you with a FREE quote on all your residential and commercial painting services! To learn more about how we can help you, be sure to call us at (416) 817-2590 today! We look forward to hearing from you.