Another area that we can renovate are basements. Any unfinished space can be addressed to add more space to your daily living needs.

Before we begin making plans to finish your basement, we will take the proper steps to make sure that the space will finish well. We need to see if there are any leaks or pipe problems if it is a basement and make sure that the ceilings are the right height. We will also need to check the codes and make sure that renovating the space will not violate any laws.

Once we are safe to proceed, we will plan with you on how you want the space finished. Even if the ceilings in a basement are too low, we might be able to help you by tearing up the current floor, digging deeper, and pouring a new concrete slab. However, our ability to do this depends on where you live.

In basements, we will want to make sure that natural light can make an entrance. This will be an easy way to keep mold from growing as quickly. We will also install installation to keep the eating or cool air inside and then place a new drywall on the inside. We can add walls to make new rooms and renovate the space to your design.

Renovations in a basement can take a long time, and Orange Contracting would like to sit down with you and plan how long the renovations will take and whether or not you will be able to stay in the house during the time of renovations.

Call Orange Contracting in Richmond Hill today to talk with us about your plans. We guarantee that you will love your renovations and be pleased with the end result.