Which Flooring is Best For Your Budget?

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Planning to renovate your floor can be a hassle, because there are a vast number of options to choose from, all with different features and pros/cons. Hiring a flooring service is a great way to better come up with a decision, but if you are still interested in doing research on your own, we have come up with a how-to guide on the costs of different flooring options. 


We know, vinyl is a floor that is often talked about negatively within the flooring community. The first thing you probably come to think of is your grandparents’ tacky vinyl floors, but you’d be surprised to know that these can be used in a stylish way. Did you know that unlike wooden floors, vinyl is 100% waterproof? This makes them really easy to take care of and clean. The price for this flooring option is usually around two to five dollars per square foot, with the addition of two to three dollars in labour. This type of flooring is best used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas. 


A lot of people prefer carpet, because it provides a level of comfort that other flooring options do not. If you decide to go with carpet for your floors, make sure you have a budget for about three to four dollars per square foot for material, and two dollars per sq/ft for installation. If you are looking for affordable, high quality carpet material, make sure to do your research. There are many liquidation centers that discount their prices to a super low amount due to an overflow of product.  


Looking for a flooring material that is a little more luxurious than carpet and vinyl? If so, then tile flooring is exactly what you need to make your home stand out. Since this floor is, in some cases, considered better quality than other options, it will be more expensive as a result. The price will vary depending on what kind of tile you are looking to use. There are a variety of different types, including but not limited to ceramic, porcelain and stone. The average price for tile is around 16 dollars per sq/ft, plus an additional ten dollars to install it. If you are looking for the appearance of tiled floors but are wanting a cheaper alternative, then be sure to look into porcelain flooring. 

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