Things To Consider When Starting A Living Room Renovation

Starting Living Room Renovation Newmarket

Performing any type of home renovation is a big project, so you may be wondering where and how to start. Kitchen and bathroom renos are often easier to plan, as there are certain upgrades and designs that everyone wants. Living rooms come right after kitchens when it comes to importance; it is often considered the main hub of your home. This means that it should be both comfortable and welcoming for you, your loved ones, and any other guests who visit. We here at Orange Contracting have come up with a list of things to consider when renovating your living space. 


When it comes to living room renovations, flooring is one of, if not the most important aspect. Spend some time researching different floor types to find out which one suits your living needs best. If you come up with a specific flooring plan before the renovation starts, this will benefit not only your budget, but the contractor(s) working on your home as well.

Taking certain factors into account will help narrow down what floor is best suited for your space. Understanding the amount of foot traffic you will be getting in your room goes a long way to ensure your floor stays durable for years to come. If you have young children, pets, or any type of wheelchair/walking aids, it is best to look into flooring that is resistant to spills, scratches, and any other types of damage.


This aspect of a home renovation will set the overall mood and tone for the space. Lighting can not only add functionality, but it can also be considered a decorative piece that adds value to your home. Some lighting options to look into include:


  • Ambient lighting: this type of lighting will light up a large area. It will allow you to see everyone and everything in the room.
  • Task lighting: this lighting will help you in completing a specific task. This lighting type is best used for rooms that encourage work (at home office), reading or crafting/puzzles. 
  • Accent lighting: this lighting type will create a comforting warm glow in the room. It uses a targeted beam of light to highlight a certain focal point in the living space. Lamps and spotlights work best to create this effect.

Focal Point

When you use a focal point in your next interior design project, it will be something that is meant to draw a person’s attention. Examples of focal points include a window, wall or fireplace. 

Lets say, for example, the brick on your fireplace is outdated. Replacing it with a more modern stone or a new mantle will help create a visually appealing focal point that will highlight your living space as a beautifully designed room. An accent wall is another great example of an effective focal point; this can be achieved through using different patterns and colours on this wall, making it stand out from the others.


So, you have managed to take everything into consideration and have a rough plan ready for how you are going to renovate your living room. Now the important part comes in; the budget for your project. This step can be organized with the assistance of a professional at Orange Contracting. A highly skilled contractor will help you focus on the most important aspects of a space, and help see your project plans through from beginning to end. To learn more about our Home Renovation in Newmarket, be sure to call us at (416) 817-2590 today! We look forward to hearing from you.