Kitchen Updates: Mistakes to Avoid

kitchen update tips

When making upgrades and updates to your kitchen, especially large or expensive ones make sure they don’t detract from your home’s value. Choose upgrades that have a timeless design and appeal. The popular color of the year may seem exciting and vibrant today but you may not think so in a year or two when you are looking at chartreuse tile backsplash. Choose colors and designs that will appeal to potential home buyers if you should decide to sell your home in the future.

Before making any major kitchen improvement decisions check out the following upgrades you should avoid.

  • Choosing cheap kitchen cabinets. While cheap cabinets may seem like a way to extend your budget, they will cost you more in the long run than investing in quality cabinets now. Cheap cabinets will look just that – cheap. Not to mention that they won’t hold up as well against daily use as a good quality cabinet.
  • Picking cabinets that aren’t full size. Consider long term storage needs when choosing cabinet sizes. Cabinets that are too small will not provide the storage space you may need in the future.
  • Don’t add an island to your kitchen unless it adds function to the room. Nothing is worse than having an island that interferes with the work flow of a kitchen space.
  • Unnecessary or extremely fancy appliances will not make you a gourmet chef but they will quickly blow your upgrade budget.
  • Ceramic tiles are in style right now because of their durability but this type of flooring has its flaws. First and foremost this type of flooring has no give and is hard on the back and joints. The extreme hardness of the tiles means if you drop anything breakable it will undoubtedly be broken. In the winter ceramic tile can be really cold unless you have installed radiant heat coils in the subfloor.
  • Adding too much stainless steel can detract from the beauty of the kitchen. In moderation stainless steel is beautiful, but too much will give the kitchen a sterile appearance. Not to mention stainless appliances are a magnet for smudges and fingerprints, especially if there are young children in the home.
  • Choose a durable material for countertops. Laminate can be beautiful but it can be easily damaged and will not last as long as a more durable option such as granite.
  • When adding light fixtures in the kitchen step back from the single light fixture in the ceiling. this type of lighting is not an efficient or very effective way to light the work surfaces in the room.
  • Avoid adding built in appliances such as a coffee station. This type of appliance will create more work to keep it maintained and clean.
  • Unless it has been decades since your kitchen was updated choose upgrades that will improve functionality rather than a complete remodel.

For each instance of upgrade mistakes there are alternatives that will give the kitchen a new look and help you stay within your budget.

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