Kitchen Refacing Ideas

kitchen refacing ideas

Renovating a kitchen can be a very expensive job, particularly when you factor in the purchase of new cabinets and fittings. Cabinet refacing is a really fantastic alternative and allows you to completely change the design of your space with some very simple ideas. You can also keep the great bones of your existing kitchen with its solid cupboards and just change up the doors to completely transform your space.

Three Cool Kitchen Refacing Ideas

Bead Board

Country kitchens or cottage style is a look that is coming back into vogue; it’s a soft and easy look to achieve using refacing. Bead Board is a very cheap way to re-face your cupboards leaving you with a homey country look. Bead board is a great product because it’s inexpensive, mold resistant and very easy to repaint and can be done in a variety of patterns to work with your design aesthetic.

Change Their Function

It’s pretty easy to change to the function of your cabinets, you can purchase all new doors; even include glass doors to highlight your collections. You could add some light fixtures in the cupboards to soften the lines of the cupboards and do so much with modern cabinet additions.  Take your larger pantry cupboards, add in some sliding basket shelves, it makes it so much easier to access the cans, and stuff at the back of the shelves. How about high cabinets that you can’t reach, new shelving systems allow the shelf to almost ladder down to a height that works just for you. You can have tiny spaces with a built in spice rack or a small sliding cabinet for baking pans and cookie sheets.

The possibilities are limitless, recycling trash bins drawers, Lazy Susans in that corner cabinet that nothing can be kept in because no one can reach. Decorative corner cabinets to show off your cook book collection. Anything is possible when you have your cabinets refaced.

Go kitchen high tech

You absolutely have to have the new high tech hinges or no slam as they can be known as. These are fantastic for all your drawers and cabinets no one can ever slam a door again. Soft close and not damage to the doors or faces and a gentle nudge closes them completely.

There are so many ways to update your kitchen without tearing out everything, this is by no means an extensive post on renovating your space but it’s a start and there are lots of things to take into consideration.

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