Five Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel benefits

Kitchen remodels can be a harrowing experience when things aren’t going as planned but the benefits are worth every up and down of the experience. Until you have undergone a kitchen remodel you may not realize the turmoil it adds to your daily life. Where to store all of your kitchen utensils, how do you cook, when will this ever be done?

First let us say that the ideal time to start a kitchen remodel is in the spring or summer. Why you may ask. It allows you to use your outdoor kitchen or BBQ grill for the majority of your cooking. This prevents the necessity of creating a make-shift kitchen while the remodel is in progress.

Money Well-spent

Though it may not seem like it during the remodel process, the improvements in efficiency and appearance of your kitchen will make it worth all the inconveniences and money spent. You will feel more creative when you enjoy being in the kitchen and you will want to eat at home more often too!

Ambiance and Function

A well planned kitchen project will not only give you the homey ambiance you dreamed about but it will make the room more functional too. No more crossing the room to get to the sink while cooking, a sliding shelve will make accessing your pots and pans a breeze, and cabinets that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Impress your Family and Friends

Once the remodel is complete your family and friends will hardly recognize the space you call your kitchen. You will be proud to show off all the little nooks and crannies as well as the sensational features of your trendy new kitchen. You may find your kitchen is the new focus for entertaining friends at your house.

Pride in your Kitchen and Cooking

You may find that you take more pride in the time you spend in the kitchen, cooking may become a pleasure instead of a chore. Cleaning up a spill or after a meal will feel rewarding. Seeing a sparkling stovetop, a shiny new countertop, and glossy cabinets will remind you that the remodel was worthwhile every inconvenience you endured.

Family time in the Kitchen

You may even find that your family will be more interested in spending time in the kitchen whether it is doing homework, talking, or helping to prepare a meal–there is nothing better than spending time with your family and where better than in the heart of the home.


Turning a dated kitchen that lacked modern functionality to the show place of your home will be a reward in itself. The time you spend with family or entertaining family and friends in your kitchen will make you wonder why you didn’t remodel sooner. The kitchen designer at Orange Contracting can help you plan the kitchen of dreams and make it a reality.
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