Transform Your Basement with a Renovation

Transform Basement With Full Renovation Newmarket

Do you have an unfinished basement that feels like a burden? With the help of Orange Contracting, our team can completely transform the space with a basement remodeling in Newmarket. Let us help you find a way to transform your basement into a functional spot for your family to enjoy while also increasing the value of your home at the same time.

Avoid a DIY & Opt For a Professional

As some would think renovating a basement is easy to do on their own, our team would like to stress the fact that plumbing, wiring, and mechanical components are often best left in the hands of professionals. A DIY basement renovation can lead to costly mistakes, unfinished projects, or put a family’s health at risk. In order to enjoy the renovation, in the long run, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals.

A Basement Renovation is Worth It

Do you ever feel there is not enough space in your home but you are not interested in moving? Why not transform the space that is below your main level. Whether you wish to build a place of entertainment for friends and family to gather, a secluded home office, a children’s play area, or a home gym, the basement is a perfect solution and provides you with endless opportunities. It’s time to remove the dark and damp features of your current basement and replace it all with a place that is productive and brings happiness.

Utilizing your basement will give you and your family more living space and will also encourage you to use the space for the things you love. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of options that your basement could be, our team of professionals would love to help layout options that would fit the size of your space and the personality of your home.

Start With Moisture & Insulation Checks

As commonly known, basements can build up an amount of moisture that can become unsanitary and create problems during a basement renovation. So before you start planning, have a check in your basement to ensure that there are no cracks, leaks, or any other potential issues. A build-up of moisture can bring in insects and other unwelcomed guests. After this, a proper insulation check is needed to ensure that the sealings and finishings are up to par. In conducting both of these checks, it will leave your basement in optimal condition for a basement renovation to take place.

Choose Us For To Complete Your Basement Renovation

It’s important to note that having your basement renovation completed by a professional team like Orange Contracting is essential for success. When completed efficiently and effectively the first time, the project is able to remain on budget, on time, and overall increase your home’s property value. It’s time to take the leap and schedule a consultation with our team. To talk with our team today, give us a call at (416) 817-2590.