Factors That Are Easy To Overlook During Your Renovation

Factors That Are Easy To Overlook During Your Renovation

A lot of planning goes into your renovation project, so much that by the time the first hammer falls, you are ready for it to be over. Although there are several stages to every remodeling project, there are a few tips Orange Contracting has to offer that can make the process much easier.

While you are in the planning stages, it may seem like remodeling your home is a straightforward affair. It is easy to think about what needs to go and how things will look when the work is complete. Most, however, fail to envision the work that goes on and how it will affect your home in the interim. Aside from planning how your home will look and which materials you will use, you need to protect your existing assets. It isn’t possible to completely prevent construction debris from permeating the rest of your home, but you can reduce its impact.

Most contractors will cover your furniture with tarps or plastic covers, or even employ a zippered door to prevent contamination. Floor protectors are a great way to keep your walkways clear and make sure that your contractor uses a high powered vacuum or HEPA air scrubber to contain flying dust. One thing that is easy to overlook but is probably the most important is your mattress and here is why.

Dust Particles

The moment you start working on your renovation project your home will be exposed to all matters of dust and debris. This comes from the walls, outside, the materials, and even the contractors themselves. Covering your furniture with tarps or plastic will help reduce their exposure. You can also protect your mattresses the same way. You can buy a plastic mattress cover for each mattress in your home, or you can use sheets of plastic to wrap them in until the work is complete.

Bed Bugs & Mites

Bed mites and bed bugs are a bane to home, and they can increase during a home renovation project. Mites and bugs can infiltrate the home during renovations by hitching a ride on the contractors, materials or simply by being kicked up in the air during the work process. There is always some amount of mites in everyone’s furniture when you start moving them around to renovate, and they can easily decide to move to your mattress instead.


If anyone in your family has allergies, you can expect their suffering to increase during your renovation project. Allergens tend to move through your vents and ducts, and when you remodel, many more of those are tossed into the atmosphere. To help cut back on flare-ups, cover your mattress and pillows prior to heading to bed each night and make sure to air out your rooms during the day.

Mattress Protection

Never risk your mattress when it comes to critters and dust, protect it instead. There is no perfect way to cover your mattress, but sealing it with any type of plastic cover is a brilliant start. Check out your home improvement store or look online for a unique cover. If neither of those options yields results, use sheets of thick plastic instead. Once your project is over, you will be glad to rest your head on a dust-free, critter-free mattress.

How We Can Help

There are a lot of details to consider when you are starting a home renovation project. Making use of an online planner is a good way to stay organized and on schedule. We are always here to help, starting from the planning process all the way to the cleanup at the end of your project.

To find out more about how we can make your remodeling efforts a success, give Orange Contracting a call at (416) 817-2590.