How to Bring Warmth into Your Kitchen


When it comes to kitchen renovation, there is much more to it than painting the walls and changing the cabinets. Lighting is an important part of kitchen design and renovations that will help showcase your space in the best way possible.

Over-using LED lighting is not the best way to get the lighting you need in your kitchen. To make a kitchen warm and welcoming, your design needs to blend the task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting in a way that is cohesive. Orange Contracting has a few tips that will help you understand how to use the proper lighting to bring warmth to your kitchen.

Skylights in the Kitchen

Natural light is always important in any room of the home, especially in the kitchen. It can help you save on energy cost while adding brightness. One great way to bring in natural light is by adding solar tubes, sky tunnel lights, and skylights. They are not overly expensive and they provide a great source of illumination without the recurring bill that comes with lighting.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Having the right amount of ambient lighting will give your kitchen the soft glow that makes your family feel welcome. You can use wall sconces, track lights and recessed lights to get the effect you desire. Labor is usually separate from the cost of the lighting and LED lights to start from around $25 each, while other forms of lighting start from $40.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is very important and differs from ambient lighting since it will be used to illuminate our work areas. Usually, these lights are placed under the cabinets to throw extra light from the backsplash or tiles on your kitchen walls. You can also set them to operate via a motion sensor or with a remote control if you want to be extra glamorous.

Cabinet Accent Lighting

Cabinet lighting is a great way to layer on elements to create the perfect ambiance you desire in your kitchen. These lights can shed light on the inside of your cabinets where you display your prized possessions, or you can opt to install recessed lighting under the cabinets to throw light in other areas. You can even use cabinet lighting in your toe kicks if you want to highlight them.

Decorative Kitchen Lighting

Every kitchen needs a focal point and using pendant lighting or a chandelier is a great way to add that touch of flair. There are many sizes, shapes and styles of lighting you can add to your kitchen and each one can help serve a different purpose.

Experienced Assistance

Kitchen renovation and design should always be done by an expert. Not only will working with an experienced contractor ensure that your space is properly utilized, but it will also ensure that the electrical work is planned out properly and executed in a professional manner. Orange Contracting is always here to serve our customers with the best renovation services in the metro area. Give us a call at 416-817-2590 today to find out more about what we have to offer.