How To Choose The Best White Paint Shade For Your Walls

Best White Paint Shade For Walls Newmarket

When people think about painting their room with white walls, the idea may initially come off as boring or bland. Did you know, however, that white walls are a very popular paint choice, and can add a sense of class and style to your room? As long as you choose the right shade of white for your room and hire a professional painting service to do the job, your space will feel fresh and modern. 

Are White Walls A Good Choice? 

As we previously mentioned, white walls are great for a number of reasons! If you are more of the minimalistic type, white is a great choice for keeping things simple. They will highlight any of the furniture/accents in your room, making for a space that is visually pleasing. 

Planning to sell your home? White walls are a great option because it creates a blank slate for the people moving in to customize it how they want. White walls also benefit a space by making the room feel much more open. With darker colours, a room can feel closed-in and trapped, but with light colours like white, a room will feel much bigger and brighter. 

White Walls For Rooms Facing The West 

When you are looking for the right shade of white for your space, you will want to take into consideration how the light enters the room. If your room faces the west, the light will be at its brightest during the middle of the day. Mornings tend to be darker in a west-facing space, so choosing a white with warm accents/undertones will help balance out that dark-grayish shadow.  

A warm glow will most likely envelop the room as the sun starts to set, so if you want your walls to accent this time of day, choose a cool toned white shade to balance out the warm tones when the sun begins to go down. 

White Walls For Rooms Facing North 

Rooms that face the north never get full sunlight throughout the day. This ultimately results in a room that is full of more grayish light than anything else. This will, in turn, create a room that feels much colder and dark. To prevent your room from giving off this vibe, choose a white with a warm base. A white with an orange, red or yellow undertone is a great option to turn a cold room into one of warmth and comfort.  

White Walls For Rooms Facing The East 

Rooms that face the east bring in beautiful early morning light. This light is less of a warm tone than sunset light, and comes off as a softer glow that feels fresh and lively. Luckily, this type of light can suit both warm and cool toned whites.  

As much as both undertones will match the space well, when night starts to fall, grey shadows will begin to peek in. To balance out this cold effect that the shadows have on your room, use a warmer toned white. 

White Walls For Rooms Facing The South 

Decorating south-facing spaces is considered lots of fun, as these are the rooms that get great natural sunlight all day long. You can use this type of room in your favour, and choose whichever undertone you feel would suit both the room and your preference best. 

When you have less windows to let the light in, choosing a warm toned white is usually the best choice. If you have a lot of windows to let the natural light in, then a cool toned white is best.  

How We Can Help 

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