Bathtub VS. Walk-In Shower

Bathtub Vs Walk In Shower

Orange Contracting is used to receiving the common question of should I have a bathtub or walk-in shower installed in my bathroom? If you are wondering the same question, our bathroom remodeling in Newmarket team is here to explain to you your options. Our answer usually starts with “it depends” but today we are ready to jump into the details with you. 

Which Do You Prefer? 

As you probably imagined, the first question we will ask is what do you use now, a shower or bathtub? More than likely, most people say that they use their shower and their bathtub just sits and collects dust. Commonly, most people say that they use their bathtub for house pants or the cat’s litter box! If this is the case for you, it’s important to see the advantages of installing a luxurious walk-in shower rather than a luxurious bathtub.  

What Does a Walk-In Shower Have to Offer? 

If you use your shower more often and want to see the advantages of ditching your bathtub and opting for a walk-in shower, we have everything you need to know here. A walk-in shower can offer a spa-like experience if the right contractors are on the job. It can become a very spacious area and even include enough space for two people. Instead of using a wide space for a bathtub, you could instead replace the area with a walk-in shower and as well have enough space for extra storage or extra amenities. 

How Does it Affect My Homes Resale Value? 

Installing a walk-in shower over a bathtub raises questions about the resale value and our team is here today to give you a better idea of what this means. Most real estate agents will tell you that home buyers are still interested in having at least one bathtub in the house. This is because young families with kids or luxury homeowners still have an interest in it. Our team would recommend that keeping at least one bathtub in the home is ideal but if your planning on living in your home for the long haul, the choice is yours. 

Consider Your Future Plans 

Are you considering moving anytime soon? If you are, having at least one bathtub is critical for selling. If you are planning on staying in your home for decades to come, making luxurious walk-in showers could be the choice you opt for. If you are not sure, having one bathtub should be included in your home but does not need to be in your primary bathroom. 

How We Can Help 

Have you decided if you want a bathtub or walk-in shower now? Either way, our team at Orange Contracting can help lay out the options for you, or we can start implementing the choice you have made. Our Newmarket home renovation team is ready to start your bathroom renovation project when you are. With so many bathtubs and walk-in shower options we offer, our team is confident that you will find what you love with us. To get more information, give us a call at (416) 817-2590 today.