3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Commercial Painter

Professional Commercial Painter Newmarket

Painting a commercial space can be a big job, but with the help of a professional, the job can be completed in both a timely and quality manner. Orange Contracting wants to highlight to you today that if you are looking for your commercial interior or commercial exterior space to be painted, the cheapest option is not the best option. If you are looking for results that last and a team that will take their time to avoid mistakes like paint cracks or paint peeling, hiring professional painting services in the GTA is the route you should take, and here’s why.

Prepare the Surfaces

Whether your project is for the interior or exterior of a space, it’s important that the walls are prepared before the paint goes on. Walls have to be scrubbed clean, and grime and paint peels should be grinded down, and filling any cracks or holes should be completed as well. Professionals will tackle this part to ensure the paint ends with a flawless finish. To get the best results, professionals know that having clean surfaces to paint on is key.

Prime Before Painting

If this is a DIY project, this step is usually skipped but a professional painter knows that this step is critical and is an essential part of a flawless finish. When you prime your walls first, the ROI is significantly higher and the better coverage is definitely worth the money. Adding this adhesive will reduce paint bubbling, cracking, and paint peeling. 

When considering painting a commercial space, keep in mind that for a kitchen or restaurant, the oily residue will slip through the new paint if a primer is not used. 

Cleaning The Exterior Surfaces

When painting the exterior of a building, using a pressure washer is fundamental. This is because the walls outside can have a build-up of substances that need to be removed before paint is applied so that there can be a smooth finish. Substances like grime, dirt, peeled paint, and other debris all need to be removed. Deep cleaning these surfaces also help to bind the new paint to the walls. It’s important to note that a pressure washer can save time and money when compared to paying labour to hand wash the walls. Increase the lifespan of your paint and decrease upkeep costs by properly cleaning the exterior before painting.

How We Can Help

At Orange Contracting, if you are looking to have your interior or exterior painted, we are the right team for the job. We are a Newmarket home renovation team that specializes in select areas and painting is one of them. If you would like to book a free quote with our team, you can reach us today at (416) 817-2590 and we would be happy to give you a price. If you are looking for experts in the industry who have mastered this craft, then our team is right for your project.