Style-Up Your Bathroom With These Innovative Tips

Style Up Your Bathroom With These Innovative Tips

With the current housing market, it can be quite the challenge to pack your bags and move elsewhere. Because of this, many people across Canada are deciding to stay in their current homes and work to remodel the places they have. This way, residents can experience a new, luxurious flair to their place without having to break the bank. In this regard, one of the most affordable rooms to renovate in the home is that of the bathroom.

If you are interested in taking these next steps to transform the style of your home with a bathroom remodelling project, we here at Orange Contracting have come up with some design tips to consider when working on/planning your project. 

Create a Boho Paradise

Sometimes a complete style transformation is what your home needs to look and feel different at its core. What better way to do this than with a boho transformation?

Bohemian styles really go a long way in making a space look unique while maniting a cosy atmosphere. With earthy, warm colours and a combination of all the right natural elements, this design goes above and beyond to provide homeowners with a feeling of ultimate relaxation. Add on the travel-inspired textiles and zen decor and this truly one of the greatest bathroom design styles to go after when it comes to your next renovation.

Get Creative With Tiles

When you think of a bathroom and its design aspects, the thing you’ll likely think of before anything else is that of the tiles. This is understandable, as the tiles in one’s bathroom usually take up all the walls in the shower, the floor and sometimes even parts of the other bathroom walls. With the freedom to use all of this tile in one’s bathroom, why not get creative with it?

In the field of remodelling & design, there are thousands of different tiles to choose from. With different materials, colours, patterns and textures to choose from, you can find the perfect style for your bathroom to give it that special flair. Square tiles aren’t where it ends, either— different shaped tiles are becoming more and more popular with time. 

Implement a White + Wood Aesthetic

Although both of the style tips listed above are great at transforming your bathroom design for the better, maybe a more “out-there” style is just not the type of design you’re looking for. This is totally understandable, and each person will have different preferences on how they want their bathroom to look.

If you are looking for a more clean, simple design but still want to implement natural elements to make the place look cosy without being cold, a combination of white colours + natural wood material is perfect. With this bathroom design you can maintain a fresh, clean and bright aesthetic without making your space look too cold or calculated. While the white colours work to make the space look bigger and more pristine, the natural wood elements bring the design back to earth and level out any of the cold harshness these colours may otherwise give off. This style is almost always the perfect choice for someone who wants to create a harmonious, balanced bathroom design.

Let Our Team Help

We hope that these design tips have helped you in determining which style you want to go with regarding your upcoming bathroom renovation. However, if you need more assistance and haven’t been able to come up with a proper decision yet, let our team at Orange Contracting help with that. With our services, we work to meet any and all of the expectations from our clients, bringing their home dreams to life. To learn more about our services and how we can help with your home renovation in Newmarket, be sure to call us at (416) 817-2590 today.