10 Most Popular Home Renovation Ideas

Most Popular Home Renovation Ideas

If you are thinking of upgrading your home to add more value, there are many renovation opportunities available for your home. Our team at Orange Contracting is here today to share with you in this guide the ten most popular renovation ideas in recent years. Read through this guideline put together by our Newmarket Home Renovation experts to see the best ways you can renovate your home. 

Upgrade the Master Bedroom 

Whether you are looking to add monetary value to your home or value to your everyday living, upgrading the master bedroom is the right route to choose. Consider brightening, expanding, or modernizing the space by incorporating a bright and airy colour palette and adding an accent wall. 

Kitchen Refinishing 

Upgrading the most central part of the home can highly impact the overall home experience. Consider renovating to white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, textured flooring, a new backsplash, or adding modern light fixtures.  


Sometimes, a simple reflooring project can give your home the spruce up it needs. Consider combining and playing with different tones and textures when it comes to the floor. This can include wood flooring, stone, or tile. 

Modernize the Staircase 

Creating an open floor plan goes well with a glass railing staircase. This is because it contributes to the space looking more airy and open. In addition, adding dark stairs can create an elegant aesthetic. 

Renovate the Master Bathroom 

This is the most popular renovation. A master bathroom renovation can include installing a wall-length mirror, fresh lighting fixtures, new floor and wall tiling, a floating vanity, and a new grand floating bathtub. 

Remodel the Living Room 

In order to make your living room feel more inviting, consider upgrading it by painting it or re-furnishing it. We would recommend adding a neutral wall with dark hardwood floors to create a warm atmosphere. 

Add a Wine Cellar 

If you have the space and passion, adding a wine cellar to your home could be a perfect fit. A wine cellar could be large or small depending on the space you have available. 

His & Hers Vanity 

To create a luxurious bathroom experience, consider adding his and her vanity to the master bathroom. This will give each person their own space as well as impress potential buyers and guests that come over. 

Luxury Office Space 

As a result of the pandemic and more people working from home, creating a luxurious office space has become more in demand. If you are thinking of renovating, don’t forget to think about adding a luxury office space. 

Install Potlights 

Instead of relying on a single source of light, instead, opt to install pot lights in all of your rooms. These types of lights can make a space feel brighter and more welcoming. 

How We Can Help 

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