The 4 Most Important Aspects of Every Bathroom Remodel

Most Important Aspects Of Every Bathroom Remodel

When you are undergoing any type of home renovation it’s important that you focus on the aspects that require the most amount of money. If you ever cheap out on these parts of the project, things can start looking incomplete and out of style. If you are looking to find out what these aspects are and why they are considered so important, we here at Orange Contracting are here to help. 

Never Cheap Out On These Aspects! 

Have you ever heard of the term “quality over quantity”? This value heavily applies to renovation projects, and some of the most important features you should be spending the most money on during a bathroom remodel include: 


When you think of a bathroom, what is the first feature you think of? In many cases, people will say the countertops. This feature often takes up a lot of space in the bathroom, and the good news is that it can be designed/installed in a number of different ways. With a variety of different materials, colours, patterns and more, you can really get creative with this feature. Just make sure you spend good money on countertops. Over the years, counters can wear out quite quickly if the money isn’t spent on the right quality. 


Cabinets don’t just add a nice sense of style to a bathroom — they also maintain the responsibility of keeping toiletries neat and away from sight. They offer a lot of functionality to a bathroom space, and without the proper money spent on this feature cabinet doors can begin to lock up & fall off the hinges. Since you’ll be opening and closing these cabinets as time goes by, it’s important you focus your spending on cabinets that will last you a long time. Also ensure that your money is well spent in making sure that your cabinets don’t fall prey to water damage, as bathrooms can get quite humid. 

The Toilet 

When you think of cleaning/maintaining a bathroom, what is one of the main tasks you’ll likely dread? If you said cleaning/plunging the toilet, we don’t blame you. 

In many situations, people claim that the most nauseating cleaning job is that of maintaining the toilet. Over the years, people use the toilet constantly. After all, this part of the home takes care of one of our most basic human necessities. Because of this, spending money on a good quality toilet will save you loads of time, stress and work. Good quality toilets are much less likely to break down and clog. 

Lighting Fixtures 

Since bathrooms are usually such small spaces, lighting can really make or break the way this space looks. Too little lighting and the space looks even smaller than it really is, too much lighting and the place feels overwhelming and unsettling. The perfect balance is just the right amount of natural lighting and artificial lighting. Opt for warmer colours when you want a more cozy feel, and whiter colours when you are looking for a more modern bathroom feel. 

How Our Team Can Help 

If you have been working hard to try and find the right team to help you complete your bathroom renovation, you’re in luck. With our team here at Orange Contracting, we can bring every single one of your dream renovations to life with our experience, skill and hard work ethic. To learn more about how to begin a bathroom remodeling in Newmarket with us, be sure to phone our staff at (416) 817-2590 today!