Maximize the Functionality of your Kitchen

functionality kitchen design and renovation

With the awesome trends in lighting and storage you can maximize the functionality of your kitchen and make it the center of your home. Whether you plan a major remodel or just a small weekend project you can make your kitchen functional and stylish with these lighting and storage ideas.

Make a Plan

Before beginning any kitchen cabinets renovation, make a plan. You will want to make sure your plan focuses on the overall aesthetics of the room. The most stylish granite countertop will only make the room perfect if the rest of the room is functional. Plan storage and lighting elements that are functional as well as pleasing to look at and use.


A variety of lighting styles, colors, and textures will add a stylish ambiance to your kitchen. And an essential element in all kitchens is task lighting. All of your tasks will be more enjoyable if you have lighting where you need it when you need it. Task lighting should be placed at least 18 inches above work surfaces, stovetop, or sink.

Under-cabinet LED lighting will make hard to see areas bright. With the new low profile designs the fixtures won’t be noticeable from a standing height. Choose daylight bulbs to keep colors true and food appealing.

Recessed lighting is another option that isn’t visible and is good for general room lighting when placed up to 42 inches apart. For convenience operate the lights from separate switches. Pendant and mini pendant lighting is a new kitchen trend that will give your room a stylish boost and improved lighting. These hanging light fixtures are perfect over sinks, tables, and island counters, singly or in clusters. Choose a style that will allow you change the shade to give the room a different look. Use a dimmer switch for a soothing atmosphere.


Do you need storage space that is hidden or open or both?  Today’s cabinets give you both options. Slid out storage, customized drawers, wine racks, and floating shelves offer all types of storage options.

Conceal the wastebasket or recycle bin with a cabinet slide out. Drawers present all types of storage options from flatware and cooking utensils to spice bottle storage. No space is wasted even in narrow locations where cookie sheets and pizza pans are easily accessible.

Display grandma’s china or bottles of wine above the sink or at the end of islands. Add a floor to ceiling cabinet with glass doors or open shelves that add ample storage for appliances, everyday dishes, and linens. Open floating shelves are an ideal place to store and display a cookbook collection, decorative vases, dishes, or knick knacks.

Creating your dream kitchen will make your life easier and give you an attractive place to entertain family and friends. And of all the home improvement projects, kitchens provide the greatest return on investment if you should decide to sell your home.

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