Improve the Ambiance of your Kitchen

improve kitchen ambiance

Kitchens are the hub of home life for many families so it is important that the room has a warm feeling. You can accomplish this with the use of colour and lighting and design features that are timeless.

Kitchen designers recommend these seven tips for giving you the warm feeling you desire in the kitchen.

Tip 1: Colour

Choose colours that will compliment the rest of your home and are pleasant to look at day in, day out. Following colour trends are only appropriate to a point you don’t want to choose a colour that you won’t want to look at for a long period of time. Choosing a neutral for walls and cabinetry will let you use bright colours for accents that can be alternated as the season change.

Tip 2: Lighting

Lighting can be as important as colour when looking for atmosphere. Placement of light fixtures can determine if the room is bright and cheering or dark and dreary. The use of daylight bulbs will give the room a sunny feel on the darkest night. Ambient lighting and lighting for prep surfaces will make the room warmer and a joy to work in.

Tip 3: Timeless Designs

If you are doing an entire kitchen remodel, pick a design that is timeless and will make the area pleasant for years to come. Our designers can suggest design sources to help you choose a design that you will love.

Tip 4: Clutter

A cluttered room can be gloomy. You want your kitchen to be organized with clear countertops and cabinets that are orderly. Decluttering your kitchen is an important part of getting a cheery feeling in any room and especially in your kitchen. Cabinet design can help you eliminate clutter and improve ambiance.

Tip 5: Energy Friendly

Creating a design that is energy friendly is not only good for your pocketbook but also for your mood.

Tip 6: Personal Style

There is nothing that will dampen the feeling of a room more than if it doesn’t express your personal style. Discuss how your family uses your kitchen. Is it the hub of family activity or do you only use it occasionally? How you use the room will affect how you envision the feel for the room.

Tip 7: Usability

Last but not least is the usability of the room. A design that makes kitchen chores simpler should be the aim of all designs. Tasks should be able to be completed with as few steps as possible. A timeless design suggestion is a triangle placement of the most use used kitchen appliances. Another consideration is will the design be usable in 10 years? Would it be usable for a family member or friend who became wheelchair bound? Our designers can help you plan a design that is usable by all members of the family.

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