DIY Fails & How To Avoid Them

Renovation Diy Fails How Avoid Them

In recent years, DIY projects have become all the rage. This is completely understandable, especially with the age of the internet and people posting their transformative DIY results all over their page. Humans love to seek challenges, and DIY projects offer a challenge with the potential for a beautiful end result. This doesn’t even mention the satisfaction you get when you know that it was all your hard work that went into something to make it as great as it is. 

Even with this knowledge, however, there are certain projects that you should avoid doing yourself completely. While some DIY projects require little experience, others require very specialized methods that can only be completed by the professionals. Here at Orange Contracting, we would like to talk about what DIY projects you should avoid, and why you should use a home renovation service to get these projects done instead.  

Electrical Repairs 

This should be quite the obvious one, and if it’s not we hope we can change your mind! After all, trying to do this type of project on your own can result in things as big as a third degree burn or a house fire. In certain situations, doing these projects on your own can actually cause more than injury and can risk your entire life. If you have little to no experience about electrical issues and how they are solved, our team highly recommends that you leave this type of thing to the professionals. 

If you want to try and fix something, however, always be sure to follow any and all safety rules when it comes to this type of repair. This means cutting your home’s power, keeping your electrical in a box so it stays protected… etc. Basically, doing anything possible to ensure that you don’t end up on death’s doorstep. Or, the better alternative, leave all this work to the pros. Not only will it keep you safe, but it will keep the foundation of your home safe, keep your family safe, and it will also help provide your home with better, safer electricity.  

Structural Work 

Just like electrical jobs, structural work can be quite the dangerous endeavour when not experienced. If you don’t have extensive knowledge on the foundations of a home (including your home in specific), as well as the correct tools to use, the right safety equipment to wear, etc., this will almost always be a terrible idea. Knocking down a wall to open up a room in your house is great — except when the wall you’ve just torn down was one that was trying to support the rest of your home. Yikes. 

Countertop Installation 

Do you want your countertops to come out perfect? Do you want them to be aligned perfectly to the wall, your cabinets, etc.? If so, we highly recommend you avoid doing this project on your own. When it comes to countertop installation, there are very specific measurements that professionals have to deal with that you will (likely) not know about. This doesn’t even mention the work that goes into cutting holes for sinks and other areas in the counter space to its most accurate shape.  

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