Benefits of an Open Concept Basement

Open Concept Basement Benefits Newmarket

For the longest time, basements have been known as the space to store all of the items you don’t use. A space for wasted potential, for dirt and dust to collect. A place that you visit as little as possible because it’s cold and it gives you the creeps 

Luckily, with the changes in home design and advancement of technology, more options are present today than ever before. One of these design changes is that of an open concept basement. This type of basement layout can make your space look its most luxurious and comfortable. When you look into it, there happens to be a wide number of benefits to undergoing a basement remodeling of this type. We here at Orange Contracting want to list a few of them below. 

Flexibility in Design Choice 

Without a bunch of walls in the way, designing your basement to look and feel it’s best becomes much easier. You can select from a number of different themes, specific layouts, etc. to find the absolute best design for your open concept basement and not worry as much about it feeling stuffy or crowded while doing so.  

Easier Flow of Traffic 

With a more open space basement, it can be easier to have guests in and out without them feeling crowded or squished together. This leads to easier socializing and overall enjoyment of a certain event, pastime or hobby. When things feel more spacious, people will feel like they have more room to be themselves and socialize as they please. 

Higher Options for Sociability 

When you design with an open concept in mind, it is much easier to install features that encourage sociability and get togethers with friends and family. Things such as a bar, an entertainment center, and a foosball or pool table will help give an open concept basement that flare it’s been looking for while increasing overall sociability to the people who are in it. 

Large Increase in Home’s Value 

When you design a basement from a cold, outdated, unfinished storage area to a warm & stylish space for social gatherings and comfort/entertainment purposes, you increase a home’s value tenfold. To many, a finished basement is a window for a number of different opportunities such as an extra bedroom, a party area, a separate apartment space, an office, etc. When a potential buyer is offered that vision on top of all the other features a home provides, it makes it easier to sell the home at a higher price point, making it a worthy long term investment for you. 

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