10 Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas

If you’re planning to renovate or upgrade a bathroom, this collection of bathroom renovation ideas will be a great source of inspiration for your project. Our team at Orange Contracting performs Bathroom Remodeling Newmarket, and we would be happy to share the top ten tips for making the bathroom not only feel modern and luxurious but also work to increase the value of the home. 

Match Tiles, Flooring & Fixtures 

When deciding on individual pieces, ensure that there is unity between them so that when they are placed together – they match well. Consider choosing a colour theme or a simple light or dark theme. 

Strategically Place the Toilet 

The toilet should not be the first thing one sees when they walk into the bathroom – it does not scream luxury. Instead, opt to strategically place the toilet, or add a bathroom door to the toilet area. 

Place the Sink in the Right Position 

Did you know that experts recommend a specific height for the sink? Sinks should be placed 32-34 inches off the floor. This helps with functionality and proper aesthetic.  

Use an Appropriate Colour Palette 

If you have a small bathroom, lighter and brighter colours will make the space look bigger. For a modern feel, our team would recommend that you choose colours within the white-to-cream spectrum. 

Invest in Lighting Around the Mirror 

Modernize the space by choosing to invest in lighting that will give you the WOW factor every time you use the bathroom. Lighting around the mirror will also allow for a better-lit reflection. 

Find Funky Mirrors for Design 

While mirrors have an obvious function, you can also use them as design elements. Shop around to see all of your mirror options before you commit to one. 

Choose White or Cream Fixtures 

The bathtub and the toilet should be white or creamy. Any other colour will make your space look dated. While it may be tempting to choose a wild colour – it should be avoided. 

Add a Dimmer Switch on Lighting 

Do you plan to have relaxing bubble baths in your bathroom? Or, do you have early mornings where you wish the lights weren’t so bright? Either way, a dimmer switch should be installed in every bathroom. 

Think About Decorative Pieces 

Whether you wish to install small or big decorative pieces, they are worth investing in. Every bathroom should have an impressive focal point. Choose decorative towels and soaps or invest in a decorative chair. 

Hire the Professionals 

While a bathroom renovation can feel like a DIY project, if you would like the result to be luxurious and flawless – a professional should be hired to complete the job. 

How We Can Help 

If you wish to receive our help for your home renovation project, our team at Orange Contracting would be happy to give you a consultation. From full home renovating to Painting Services in GTA, our team is here to support your home upgrading dreams. To get more information, you can contact our team at (416) 817-2590.